30 days credit – mini credit comparison


You need money for a short period of time, but your overdraft facility is already exhausted or not available at all? Then a short-term loan for one month is the ideal solution for you. As soon as you have applied for the loan, you can repay it within 30 days.

The advantage of this short term is that you can quickly compensate for an urgent capital requirement. This can be the case, for example, if you urgently need to pay an invoice, but it is still a while before the next payment is received. But you have to be sure that you can actually repay this short loan within a month.

The main features of a 30 day loan are:

The main features of a 30 day loan are:

  • Loan amounts from 50 USD to 500 USD are available
  • Short term that the repayment must be made within 30 days
  • Interest independent of creditworthiness
  • Small loans can also be granted for a Credit Bureau entry.

With a small loan you do not need to access the overdraft facility

You are probably wondering why you should apply for a short-term loan in the first place if you have an overdraft facility available. Everyone comes into a situation where money is urgently needed. This can be because of an unexpected repair on the car or on the washing machine. Payment cannot be postponed. If you no longer have enough money in your checking account, the short-term loan is the ideal option.

This saves you cash, because using the overdraft facility in the checking account is very expensive. A short-term loan over a month can therefore prove to be worthwhile for you.

What needs to be considered when taking out a loan?

Many providers charge additional fees if the loan term is to be longer than 30 days. Therefore, you should think very carefully in advance whether you really need a longer runtime, because it can be really expensive. Sometimes that’s not necessary.

What loan amounts are possible with a 30 day loan?

What loan amounts are possible with a 30 day loan?

Since the loan term is very short, only small loan amounts are possible with a 30 day loan. You can borrow up to 500 USD immediately if you are a new customer at one of the providers. If you are already a regular customer at a provider like Lite Lender Company, you can borrow up to 3,000 USD.

How quickly can the 30 day loan be paid out?

Mini loans are processed completely digitally. This enables a very quick payout. The standard payment duration is approx. 3 – 14 days and varies depending on the provider. All providers offer you an instant disbursement option, which makes it possible to get a small loan into your account immediately.

This express option has additional costs. If you want an overview of the payout duration of the individual providers, we recommend you take a look at the payout duration table. There you will find the appropriate information for each provider.

Block credit card if credit card is lost: This is how it works

You are in front of the cash register and just want to pay a little something with your credit card. As usual, you pull your wallet out of your pocket, but find that your credit card is not in the card slot. In such situations, the shock is great at first! Despite the shock, quick action is required: have the credit cart blocked – as quickly as possible. Often, the cardholder cannot understand whether the credit card was stolen or simply lost it. In any case, it is always correct to have the credit card blocked. After all, the only way to prevent unauthorized persons from using your credit card and causing you financial damage.

Every second counts: have your credit card blocked as soon as possible!

Every second counts: have your credit card blocked as soon as possible!

In principle, care is justified in the event of a card loss. Credit card payments at checkout require a signature, but some thieves are good at falsifying signatures. Then it is up to the cashier whether he recognizes the forgery or accepts the credit card as a method of payment. If you ask for a PIN at the cash register, there is in principle no possibility for third parties to pay with it.

On the Internet, however, the whole thing looks very different: only the data that can be seen by everyone on the credit card is requested here. This means that no matter whether the credit card was stolen or found, third parties can spend money online to their heart’s content – at your expense. Panic does not help anyone. The only thing you can do at this moment is to have the credit card blocked – at best as soon as possible. A credit card lock protects your own finances and protects against misuse by third parties.

In order to ensure that cards are blocked quickly in an emergency, credit card holders can write down the number of the relevant blocking hotline and keep it in a place that is available at all times, such as in their own car, in their jacket pocket or in the diary. Only in the wallet is a little unfavorable, since it is mostly completely stolen if the card is lost due to theft. If you don’t have a blocked number with you, you can also use your smartphone to check the card operator’s website. It is usually easy to find there.

The call to the blocking hotline: this is how it works

If you have lost your credit card, the customer adviser on the blocking hotline will usually need some information from you in order to be able to block the credit card. As a rule, he will ask for the credit card number in addition to the usual information such as name, age and address. You can find this on your card statement, for example.

Questions are also asked about the issuing bank and the type of credit card. Such a conversation often only takes a few minutes and the credit card block is done. Cardholders no longer have to worry. The lost credit card is now deactivated and can no longer be used – not even by the rightful owner, should the card be found again. Usually there are no costs for blocking.

This happens after the credit card lock

It can often take several weeks for customers to receive a new credit card. However, if you urgently need a credit card after the card has been lost, you can also have a replacement card issued by the provider concerned. This works basically the same as a real credit card, but is limited to a time frame, for example, four weeks. Thereafter, their validity and usability usually expire automatically.

What to do if others have already spent your money?

What to do if others have already spent your money?

Not everyone uses their credit card every day. Therefore, it can happen that a card loss is only noticed after a certain time, so that the card is blocked very late. In such cases, it may well be that third parties have already withdrawn money from the credit card or used it as a means of payment. Therefore, cardholders should check their card statements immediately after blocking. If there are incomprehensible debits, you should contact the relevant bank immediately.

As a rule, such payments can be reversed. If the card is actually misused, the credit card holder does not have to be liable – as long as he has not acted negligently. This means that he should have made sure that the data important for the credit card was not visible to third parties and kept the PIN safe. With some providers, customers also take out insurance against theft and security with the credit card application, which is usually liable in such cases. In principle, careful handling of the credit card is always recommended.

You can protect your data with these security tips

Basically, credit cards are a really safe means of payment, since customers still have the option of having their money returned by the bank in the event of irregular debits. For example, if you paid in cash at the checkout, this is no longer possible. Nevertheless, security can also be further optimized here with a few tips: The more careful bank customers handle their credit cards, the less likely they are to become victims of improper credit card use. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Be careful when assigning sensitive data on the Internet
  • When surfing the Internet, pay attention to encrypted connections: 
  • Keep your PIN safe
  • For quick action in an emergency: carry blocked numbers with you
  • Beware of phishing emails (fraudulent emails) and fraudulent tricks that want to steal your data: Banks never request confidential data by email or phone
  • Caution is better than forbearance: if you are unsure, ask the bank

If you pay attention and behave responsibly, you can concentrate on the advantages of a credit card, such as cashless payment from anywhere in the world, the uncomplicated online shopping and the possibility to leave a credit card as a deposit at any time. With the many benefits that a credit card offers, fear of loss or, at worst, theft, shouldn’t stop anyone from getting a credit card.

Instant Payoff Loan – Online Direct Loan

An instant payment loan is not uncommon even without Credit Bureau and is increasingly being promoted by the credit brokerage industry. Even if you do not have to check the Credit Bureau when applying for a loan because there is a negative entry or has not yet been deleted, this does not mean that it will take a long time to pay off the loan.

With the Credit Bureau-free credit with immediate payment there are three payment options, so this can be done via a normal transfer, but also a quick transfer or even a postable payment is possible. This large selection of payment options can usually only be found in the loan despite Credit Bureau.

Online credit with direct approval ✔ quick, easy & uncomplicated!

Online credit with direct approval ✔ quick, easy & uncomplicated!

Anyone interested in a loan with immediate payment should look for a suitable offer and provider on the Internet, because the choice of the right credit broker is crucial. Above all in the area of ​​Credit Bureau-free loans, one encounters dubious providers who use the urgent credit request of consumers for their purposes. Most of the time, such intermediaries can be recognized by the fact that they already charge fees and commissions for a loan brokerage that has not yet taken place.

If you have found a reputable credit broker, you can apply for the loan with an instant payment online. Loans of 500 to 3,500 USD are possible, depending on the provider, a loan amount of 5,000 USD can also be applied for.

To get instant disbursement loan you need to have a permanent job

To get instant disbursement loan you need to have a permanent job

In order to receive an instant disbursement loan without Credit Bureau, it is important to prove that the foreign bank has a permanent job and a regular income.

The employment relationship must have existed for at least six or twelve months and the income must be sufficiently high, which means that it must be above the garnishment limit. It is also necessary to have a permanent residence in Germany and you should be at least 18 years old. The age limit differs depending on the provider, but mostly loans are granted up to the age of 58.

It should be noted for a loan with immediate payment without Credit Bureau that the waiver of the Credit Bureau query inevitably leads to the fact that the loan is somewhat more expensive than a conventional loan with the Credit Bureau query, because the foreign banks go with a Credit Bureau-free loan for German customers a greater risk that they can compensate financially.