Credit with provisional identity card.

In principle, every bank or savings bank is obliged to carry out a legitimation check on a loan application. To do this, the customer in question must clearly state that he is acting in his own economic interest and that he will only use the loan for private or business purposes. In any case, the bank will check the identity of the customer. Only the identity card and the passport are permitted. No other documents are allowed.

Loan with provisional identity card

Loan with provisional identity card

There can be various reasons why a bank customer only has a provisional and not a final identity card. For example, the old ID card might have expired or the current ID card might have been lost. In any case, the person concerned would be obliged to contact the relevant registration office immediately and to apply for a new ID card there.

However, since this application requires a processing time of several days or weeks, the authority will only be able to issue a provisional ID card for the transition period. This provisional ID card could also serve as legitimation at the bank. A loan with a provisional ID card is therefore basically possible. In most cases, however, the bank will insist that the customer submit the final identity card as soon as possible and present it either in the original or as a copy.

Each identity card or passport must contain information about the name and first name of the card holder, his full home address, his date and place of birth and his nationality. In addition, the date of issue and the ID number must be clearly recognizable.

PostIdent procedure

PostIdent procedure

It will not always be possible for the loan applicant to present his identity card or passport in the original. This is particularly the case with the numerous online loans.

It is then imperative that the PostIdent procedure is carried out. Anyone wishing to obtain a loan with a provisional ID card from the Internet would have to show this ID card to Swiss Post for legitimation.

The PostIdent procedure can be carried out at any post office counter in Germany and only takes a few minutes. For this purpose, the counter clerk will closely check the identity of the customer and send the loan documents to the bank together with a corresponding remark. This procedure is identical for both a provisional and a final identity card. The same also applies in the event that the passport is presented for legitimation.

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